Nikolay Dimitrov


Facebook: Nikolay Dimitrov
Tel: +359 894 455 888

Nikolay Dimitrov is born on 26th September 1975. He has a black belt 4th dan Aikido. He is a member of the Technical Commission of the Bulgarian Aikido Federation. He has graduated from the National Sports Academy with a professional degree for an Aikido Coach. He has started practicing Aikido on 13th January 1993 in Varna. Before that he had practiced football and kyokushinkai karate. Since 2005, he is the President of Sports Club Varna Aikido Academy association.

He has organized seven international seminars in Varna out of which four seminars with Masatake Fujita shihan, 8th dan Aikikai Aikido, as well as a Sports Festival in 2011 in Varna, where more than 15 martial arts clubs and dance schools have participated.

He regularly organizes and participates in many demonstrations with the purpose of popularization of the Aikido martial art. The last outstanding event was a charity concert “For the children of the hero fathers with respect and gratitude” organized by him.

Under his guidance, the club has applied for, and since 2012 has implemented projects of the Ministry of Youth and Sports program “Sports for the children in the kindergartens” every year.
As part of the team of Bulgarian Aikido Federation, he has represented Bulgaria at international events in Japan, Germany, Hungary, Poland and Romania.

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