Christo Mihaylov


Tel: +359 888 753 188

Christo Mihaylov is born on 27th September 1962. He has graduated from the National Academy of Arts in 1989. He has started practicing Aikido in 1987. He has participated in the establishment of the Bulgarian Aikido Federation, as well as in the establishment of many clubs all over the country. He has graduated from the “Vasil Levski” National Sports Academy with an Aikido Coach degree. Currently, he is a member of the Management Board of BAF and head of its Technical Commission. In this capacity, he has taken part in the organization of domestic and international seminars hosted by BAF with some of the best Aikido masters. He is president of one of the biggest clubs in Bulgaria. Being part of the BAF managerial staff, he has regularly participated in the organization and the holding of multiple exams and seminars. He has been a participant in the official delegation of BAF in Italy on the occasion of 40th anniversary of Aikikai Italy in 2004. He has taken part in the World Games of the non-Olympic sports in Finland 1997 and in Germany 2005. He has taken part in the official delegation of BAF in Poland on the occasion of 30th anniversary of Aikikai Poland. In 2004, 2008 and 2012 he has been part of the official delegations of BAF at the 9th, 10th and 11th Congresses of IAF. In 2010, following a proposal from BAF, Christo Mihaylov has been awarded a 5th dan Aikikai. In 2016, he has been awarded 6th dan.

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